Total Drama Toy S1 Ep1

Hey Guys,


The reason why I haven’t been posting for a while is because…

1. I have been enjoying my school holidays

2.I have been busy recording the videos for this and upcoming posts


OK, so now that why I haven’t been posting for a while is sorted, here is the post…

Recently, I have been recording (as in recording on an iPad) a toy reality show called



It is a show about 13 toys each competing for $100,000 

(fake money of course!)


Unfortunately, edublogs won’t let me upload the video so click the button to download Episode 1 of




Download Now

Inanimate Alice Episode 5 (Customised by the Jono Standards…)

Hey-O everyone! Jono here! In class over the last few weeks in class, we have been working on our own Inanimate Alice episode! SO, here it is! The version below only shows it as a PowerPoint. To see it with all the sound and transitions download the file underneath.



100wc week 12- Musomic Compatition

“Is that my dad?” exclaimed Richard.

“Oh NO! He’s coming!!” replied Jessica

“What’s he doing here in the house anyway?” asked Richard.

“Whatever reason he’s here doesn’t matter. Here he comes!” exclaimed Jessica

Jessica was right, the man was coming out of the house towards where they were hiding!

“I thought I just saw my son.” boomed the man. He then walked back into the house.

“Phew, that was close” said Richard in relief

“It sure was!” replied Jessica.

Inanimate Alice Episode 4 Review

Inanimate Alice-Episode 4 is very different from all the other episodes. To Start, instead of the problem being parent related, it is Alice who finds

herself in trouble. It was an interesting change! This episode was really great apart from the interactive parts. One of the interactive parts finds you exploring London, Alice’s hometown. Also, the maze part was a bit annoying. Mainly, it was a good episode. I give it 7.3 Yummy Apples

My Edublogs Award Nominations

IT’S SO SPECIAL! It is the 10th annerversary of the Edublogs awards! It is also this weeks student blogging challenge!

Here are my nominations:

Best Student Blog:– Dogphin8

I nominate Dogphin8 because it is my blogging buddies blog.


Best Free Web Tool:– Scratch

I nominate Scratch because it is a fun website where you can make games.


Best Educational Wiki:– The Travelling Rhinos Project

I nominate The Travelling Rhinos Project because our class has been involved in the project


Best Mobile App:

Minion Rush

I nominate minion rush because it is a very fun game where you control a minion from despicable me as he runs around trying

to do despicable deeds.

100wc Week 12- Message In a Bottle.

Dear Little Friend,

I am writing this letter to you from my heart. This letter will bring encouragement into your life. Times may be tough

right now but don’t get scared or discouraged. You’ll be alright! If I was there with you, I would put my arms around you and say,

“There, there little one, you’ll be alright.”

Look to your future. The sun shall shine again. Bright days and a wonderful future are ahead of you. 

Just remember, you are not alone; the rest of the world is thinking of you! 

With love from Jonathan.

A Kitchen Sink???????

I was thinking about what to put as a post when I hovered over a button. The message that came up said ‘Show/Hide Kitchen Sink (Alt+Shift+Z)’. Then I thought, ‘Wait, there’s a kitchen sink?’ When I pressed it (Out of curiosity of course) this extra menu came up. I was like, ‘Oh, it’s not a real kitchen sink :(‘. 


Imagine if when you pressed the button, it hid your kitchen sink in the kitchen! Wouldn’t that be funny! 


The so called ‘Kitchen Sink’ has these options: Underline, Align Full, Select Text Colour, Paste as plain text, Paste from word,

Remove formatting, Insert custom character, Outdent, Indent, Undo, Redo and Help.

I just wrote a post on something I don’t even use…



Kitchen sink button (No menu)

Kitchen Sink (No menu)





Kitchen Sink (With Menu)

Kitchen Sink (With Menu)